CNC Milling Programming & Setup

  1. CNC Milling Machine configurations
  2. General flow of NC programming
  3. Visualizing NC program execution
  4. Understanding program zero
  5. Measuring program zero
  6. The two ways to assign program zero
  7. Introduction to programming words
  8. Preparation for programming
  9. Motion types
  10. Introduction to compensation
  11. Tool length compensation
  12. Cutter radius compensation
  13. Fixture offsets
  14. Introduction to program formatting
  15. The four kinds of program format
  16. Canned cycles
  17. Sub programming techniques
  18. Other special features of programming
  19. Rotary tables
  20. Tasks related to setup and operation
  21. The control and machine panel
  22. The three modes of operation
  23. The key operation procedures
  24. Program verification

Special Advanced Classes
Special Advanced classes can be scheduled upon request.  The class can be tailored for you or your   programming team.  Cost varies according to topic covered and student quantity.  A Quote can be delivered upon request