Advance Plastic Injection Molding Training

 (2 Days Course )

Who Should Attend:

CAD/CAM Programmer, Mold Designer, Injection mold setter, Sales Personnel and those peoples that are involved in injection molding.

Course Summary:

In this training, we will go through some material science of plastic to let trainee understand the properties of plastic and how these properties affect the molding process. Here inside the training we will explain how CAE can be applied to plastic injection molding. Lots of real industry case studies will be discussed during this training.



Section1: Introduction to Plastic

  Types of Plastic

  Method of Processing Thermoplastic

  How Polymer Flow?

  Thermoplastic Molecular Arrangements

o    Amorphous Structure

o    Crystalline Structure

  Nucleating Agent in Crystalline Plastic

o    Oriented Structure

  Orientation Effects on Part Properties

  Properties of Plastic

o    What is Viscosity?

o    PVT

o    Thermal Conductivity

o    Specific Heat

o    Elastic Modulus

  Distinguishing Plastic Characteristic


Section2: CAE in Plastic Injection Molding

  Method of Processing Thermoplastic

  Injection Molding Cycle

  Product Lead-time
Traditional Approach Of Molding

  Product Lead-time CAE/Concurrent Approach Of Molding

  Runner Balance

o    Previous Theories of Flow Imbalances

o    Shear imbalance Experiment

  CAE Technology for Plastic Injection Flow Analysis

o    2.5D FEM Mid-Plane Model

o    2.5D FEM Fusion Model

o    3D Solid FEM

  How to differentiated between 2.5D and 3D Simulation Technology?

  The Limitation of 3D Solid Simulation.

  Examples of True 3D Solid Simulation

  Techniques to solve the shear induce Problems


  Section3: Injection Molding Machine Cycle & Control

    • Machine Component

    • Feeding & Accumulating Phase

o    Shot Size & Cushion

o    Hopper Throat Temperature Controls

o    Barrel

o    Heating the Plastic

o    Screw

o    Nozzle

    • Filling (Velocity Phase)

o    Ideal Filling Rate by Fill Time-Pressure Plot

o    Ideal Filling Rate by Temperature-Fill Time

o    Fill Rate Control

    • Packing/Holding
      (Pressure Phase)

o    Cavity Pressure: Packing/Holding

o    Velocity-Pressure  Transfer Setting (VPT)

o    Packing: Peak Cavity Pressure

o    Holding: High vs Low Pressure

o    Packing Profile

    • Cooling Phase

o    Mold Cooling Effect

o    Measuring Mold Temperature

o    Cooling Channels

o    Reynolds Number vs Types of Flow

o    Optimizing Mold Core and Cavity Temperature Different with CAE

o    High Conductivity Copper Alloys

o    CAE Enable Complete Cooling Channel Network Analysis on Part

Section4: Stresses of Injection Molded Part

          Compressive & Tensile Stress in IM Part

          Fiber Reinforce Plastic

Section5: Common Defects of Plastic Injection Molding

    • Weld Line & Melt LIne

    • Flash

    • Jetting

    • Over Packing

    • Short Shot

    • Flow Mark

    • Air Trap

    • Sink Mark and Void

    • Weathering

    • Others

Section6: List of Common Plastic Material Information

Section7: Case Studies of Real Industry parts