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GibbsCAM VoluMill vs Traditional Pocket Milling


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Pocketmilling with traditional method, and pocketmilling using VoluMill.

VoluMill within GibbsCAM offers expanded milling solutions that are designed to reduce cycle or processing times, simplify the programming process or make the most of your machine capabilities. The VoluMill Option offers a dynamically-controlled material removal rate strategy that generates the optimum toolpath program for every geometry and solid model, high-speed repositioning and ramps along boundaries to boost material removal rates in tight areas, intelligent high-speed slicer converts polygons into smooth chains of arcs and lines for better finishes and parallel processing to leverage processor multi-core capabilities for faster computation.


High-performance toolpath generated from the GibbsCAM VoluMill module.

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Fast material removal created by the VoluMill module.

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GibbsCAM simulation of VoluMill roughing toolpath.

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