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GibbsCAM 2009 Plunge Roughing


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To the uninitiated, plunge roughing might not appear much different than drilling cycles. Essen­tially, the technique involves taking a series of overlapping passes that cut into the workpiece along the Z-axis, eliminating side pressure and directing cutting forces into the spindle.

We redesigned Plunge Rough feature in the latest version of GibbsCAM 2010 to accommodate the latest and most advanced plunge milling tools. These tools maximize your material removal rate and significantly cut down on rough milling processes. The new, fully-integrated Plunge Rough feature with the specialized motion required for efficient plunge milling has some early users of the new GibbsCAM Plunge Rough reporting processes over 80 percent faster than traditional processes.



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Plunge roughing operation on a part that spans between two vises.


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