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What's New in CimatronE10.0


Date Added: 20.06.2011

What's New CimatronE10.0 Videos

Here you will see some of the cimatronE10 new functions in videos.

Recorded by Miss. Regine.


5 Axis Machining Benchmark

Date Added: 08.11.2011

CM040 Machining using CimatronE

Machining Playlist The following playlist includes videos of 5-Axis milling programmed using CimatronE

Date Added: 15.06.2012

CM062 DMU40EVO programmed by CimatronE MyGrowTech

Date Added: 22.03.2012

CM 058 CimatronE run on Pinnacle 5x Indexing Machine

Date Added: 23.11.2011

CM044 2blade impeller cut by DMU50

Demo cut at 2011 DMG / MORI SEIKI Malaysia open house.


Mori Seiki NMV5000 impeller cutting

This benchmark has been done by Mr. Gan by using CimatronE8.0 in Indonesia.


CimatronE 5x Commissioning of DMG DMU 60 Mono Block

Successful commissioning for DMU60 MONOBLOCK with CimatronE9.0 by MYGROWTECH in Malaysia.


Commissioning of DMG DMU 60 Mono Block 2nd Part

Successful commissioning for DMU60 MONOBLOCK with CimatronE9.0 by MYGROWTECH in Malaysia.


Date: 05.08.2011

Successful DMG DMU60 MONOBLOCK Benchmark in Malaysia


DMG DMU50 5x Indexing CimatronE Commissioning Commissioning for DMU50 with CimatronE9.0 by MYGROWTECH in Malaysia.


MIKRON HSM 400U ProdMed Dental Commissioning

Successful Commissioning for HSM400U with CimatronE9.0 by MYGROWTECH in Malaysia.


Brother 3+2 Indexing Commissioning

Successful Commissioning for Brother 3+2 Indexing with CimatronE9.0 by MYGROWTECH in Penang, Malaysia.


Date: 06.07.2011



4x Milling of a Steam Turbine


4x Continuous Cutting of Electrode


4x Cutting of CAM


5x Milling of an Aerospace Ring on Mikron HPM 1850U Machine



CimatronE Solution for 5-Axis Impeller


Blisk Machining Breton-900RT

Aerospace part, blisk programmed by CimatronE.


5x Milling of a Motorcycle Engine Inlet


CM039 CimatronE 5Axis - Dental Implants


5x Milling of an Aerospace Blade

  Mould Making

Date Added: 02.05.2012

CM059 CimatronE Catalogs for Tooling

CimatronE offers an extensive vendor catalog library and the ability to create user-customized catalogs. This video shows how use of the catalog functionality can be maximized to shorten design time.

Date Added: 02.03.2012

CM 048 CimatronE Lifter Design

The Lifter application offers a simple, automated way to create various types of lifters. This video shows how the effective use of the Lifter application can lead to a significant reduction in the overall design time.

Date Added: 08.11.2011

CM043 Cut Insert E10

The Cut Insert tool enables the quick, automated creation of multiple inserts, allowing users to establish core and cavity plates early in the design process. This video demonstrates the tool's effectiveness, particularly in achieving early machining.

Date Added: 27.12.2011

CM046 E10 (partial) Mold Design Demo

A quick mold design demonstration with a part that has defects in the part design.

Date Added: 24.06.2011

CM037 CimatronE10 Motion Simulator

Date Added: 24.06.2011

CM036 E10 (partial) Mold Design Demo

A quick mold design demonstration with a part that has defects in the part design.


A Complete Overview of CimatronE Mould Design

This is a must see Demonstration of CimatronE Mold design.


Webinar Date: Dec. 15, 2010   Ver:E10.0

 Automating the Mold Design Process - Seeing is Believing
View this free online seminar and learn:
How to reduce your mold design time by up to 50%
What design best practices are used by other mold makers
How best-in-class mold design functionality can help your business: associative components/drawings, intelligent ejection & cooling system, knowledge-based positioning, and more.

C003 Xelerate Mould Design in Chinese

This is a video showing the new Xelerate mould design concept of CimatronE.
It is different from the old concept, the new one do the splitting of core and
cavity in the mould design assembly enviroment.
Thanks for Cimatron Kwang jou china for this wonderful video in the Xelerate Mould design.
The vertion recorded is E8.5.


Webinar Date: Aug. 5, 2004 Ver:E8.0

Automating the Mold Design Process

This mold design webinar is taken during CimatronE 8.0


Quick Split

Date Added: 27.12.2011

CM045 Quick Inserts

Quickly making inserts in Cimatron E

Date Added: 08.11.2011

CM042 Parting Analysis - A First Glance

The parting analysis allows mold makers to get a clear picture of a part's topology, assign parting directions and locate undercuts immediately. This video will demonstrate this capability.

Date Added: 02.03.2012

CM 050 Fast_Parting.avi

Fast Parting for Molds in CimatronE. Watch how far we can get in under 9 mins with a fairly difficult part.

CM003 Quick Split and Insert Creation E9

Splitting a part, adding draft for optimal molding condition, creating shut off faces and producing core and cavity inserts in under 7 mins with CimatronE.

CM035 Quick Split E5

This video show how cimatron Quick Splt split a part into the core and cavity.


Quick Compare

CM004 Quick Compare in Mould Design

Dealing with last minute changes is an important part of the mold maker's job, CimatronE includes dedicated tools that help you to adapt to changes at any stage of the game.
This is a demo showing how to use Cimatron Quick Compare during mould design stage.


Quick Compare in NC Programing

Quickcompare is a speedy, simple analysis tool that helps you handle last minute design changes hassle free.
This is a demo showing how to use Cimatron Quick Compare in NC.


   Die Making


CimatronE DieQuote

DieQuote is a CimatronE solution that allows Die makers to quickly and accurately generate quotes. This video will show you how DieQuote automatically generates a ready to send professional looking quote using a preliminary strip design of your project.


Modeling a Sheet Metal Part

CimatronE offers a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution for die makers. This video will show you how you can use CimatronE's hybrid interface to model sheet metal parts easily and intuitively.


Strip Design

This video demonstrates how you can perform blanking and strip design using the CimatronE Die Design Solution


Webinar Date: Mar. 22, 2007   Ver:E8.0

Reduce Die Design and Production Cycles

View this free web seminar and see for yourself how Cimatron's DieDesign can help you.


   Electrode Making

Date Added: 02.03.2012

CM 051 CMM2

Creating a CMM report within Cimatron. We can take into account 2D and/or 3D orbit value for the overburn on the electrode.

Date Added: 20.02.2012

C034 CimatronE10 Quick Electrode Part1 (Demo)

This video provide an overview of how cimatron electrode work and the benefits that invoved.

Date Added: 27.12.2011

CM047 New E10 Electrode Demo

Cimatron Electrode Demonstration


Extract and Model 9 Electrodes in 4 Minutes

How to extract and model 9 trodes in 4 mins with Cimatron. Let's see another CAD system compete with this! Even the Burn Location Drawing was made in this amount of time.


Programming 4 electrodes in 8 mins

CimatronE offers a complete Electrode Solution. In this video, four electrodes are programmed for machining in eight minutes.



 Automating the Electrode Process

View this free online seminar and learn:

How to reduce your electrode production cost by up to 50%.
Electrode best practices - what others are doing.
How easy it is - be up and running in just days.
How Cimatron supports your electrode process with web-based support right at your workstation.
To love electrodes!


   3D Modeling


Faces Wrap E9

In CimatronE 9.0, a feature called "faces wrap" allows you to wrap your logo, design or any other geometry around a curved face. In this video, we add several geometries to a coffee cup.

(Offline viewing only)

Date Added: 02.03.2012

CM055 Parametric Import.mp4

Parametric import in CimatronE 10


   NC Programming

Date Added: 02.03.2012

CM 049 CAD for NC

In order to prepare a part for NC programming, CAD functions will be required. This video looks at the key design capabilities provided by CimatronE's NC solution.

Date Added: 08.11.2011

CM041 Helical Milling E10

The Helical Milling strategy is especially useful for milling all around steep cavities or cores, particularly with electrodes. This video will demonstrate its use in achieving higher surface quality and shorter machining time.

Date Added: 08.11.2011

CM038 Iscar Tool Advisor (ITA) within the CimatronE

CimatronE now features Iscar Tool Advisor (ITA), offering enhanced machining efficiency


How to make fast ROI on your New Machine

Joint Seminar Between MygrowTech & DMG Mori Seiki (Malaysia)


CimatronE SuperBox

The Productivity Acceleration Platform for NC Programmers.

This brand new patent pending device greatly reduces the load on your computer, while increasing NC calculation speed. Rent the SuperBox, plug it in to your network and all NC Programmers instantly boost their productivity.


Webinar Date: Feb. 17, 2011   Ver:E10.0

Meeting Today’s Micro Milling Challenges


Date Added: 02.03.2012

CM056 multi-z_stock_spiral.avi

This is one strategy for roughing in Cimatron, when constant chipload is required and climb only milling is required for long insert life. Notice that when full cutter engagement is required (Slotting) on account of geometry, the cut can be made in multiple passes in the Z.

Date Added: 02.03.2012

CM052 Engraving2

Engraving is made easy in Cimatron E9. Tedious "chaining" is not necessary and it doesn't matter whether the contours are projected onto the face or sitting above or below them on a 2D plane. Cimatron will take care of the projection and allow for incremental depth of cut below (or above) the surface, stepping down at a specified amount per pass.

Date Added: 02.03.2012

CM053 insert sharp edge

Hard Milling alternative to grinding, while maintaining sharp edges on the shutoff corners.

Date Added: 02.03.2012

CM054 auto-drill.mp4

Automated Drilling in Cimatron v9. We don't believe in "automatic" machining. We apply your process to your pre-defined geometric ranges.

Date Added: 02.03.2012

CM057 verifier1.avi

NC Verification in CimatronE


Special Application

CM024 CimatronE ShoeExpress

End-to-end Footwear Solution - from Design to Production

Specialized CAD/CAM process solution for heel, sole, and insole design and molding. Field-proven by footwear design professionals worldwide

Lowers time to delivery and raises productivity by automating tedious and complex tasks. Enables creation and rapid production of complex and detailed geometry