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CimatronE ShoeExpress

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| Product Overview

ShoeExpress is a set of dynamic process orientated tools – fully integrated into CimatronE’s powerful CAD/CAM package – specifically tailored for the footwear industry. ShoeExpress offers solutions, from data input through to fully hybrid (points,STL,wireframe,Solid) grading. These tools have been developed based upon many years of accumulated experience in the field.


| Product Highlights
  • Rich set of tools for the footware industry; including wrapping curves and surfaces to surfaces.
  • Powerful best in class grading; supporting hybrid models, fixed areas, free-form zone definition
  • Revolutionary model morphing; take an exiting hybrid model from one sole profile to another.
  • Dedicated application tools bridging the gap between the designer and the mold-maker
  • Process solution for the shoe mold casting industry; including support for multi-color molds.
| Key Benefits
  • Drastic reduction in time between concept and final product.
  • Process tools that capture many years experience in the field.
  • Support for hybrid modeling
  • Fully defined 3D model reduces down stream processing errors
  • 3D digital model eliminates the need for a physical model for concept sharing, design reviews etc
  • 100% match between model and final product
| Features
ShoeExpress is composed of four modules covering the entire footwear creation process:
  • ShoeExpress Design:
    • Generate curves and points quickly from digitized data
    • Trace curves over bitmaps
    •  Wrap curves and surfaces to surfaces
    • Unfold surfaces
    • Automatic creation and dynamic modification of the side surfaces
    • Dynamic generation of under surfaces for anatomic parts, with real time display of the result.
    • Fast and easy creation of geometric entities for sole cut-outs ready for down-stream NC processing using NC templates.
    • 3D shoe grading for hybrid models (points, curves, surfaces, solids and STL objects)
    • Scaling parameters are defined by user defined zones.
    • Fixed area management for logos, insets, air-bags etc.
    •  Multiple sizes generated by one grading operation.
  • ShoeExpress Sole Morphing:
    • Morph an existing 3D shoe hybrid model (points, curves, surfaces, solids and STL objects) from one shoe profile to another.
    • Fixed areas management
  • ShoeExpress Heel Design:
    • Creation of the 3D heel from 2D or 3D curves
    • Dynamic modification and management of curves and surfaces
    • 3D grading; table driven control over every grading parameter.
    • Automatic creation of geometric entities for the heel tip mold ready for down-stream NC processing.
  • ShoeExpress Casting:
    • Automatic identification of curves
    • Automatic creation of geometric entities for cover and mold ready for down-stream NC processing using CimatronE’s powerful NC templates.
    • Management of several covers for multi-color molds.
    • Re- application of the process to different models (geometric templ